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NON- IBR Four Pass Reverse Flow Steam Boiler

The AE-Boil 4 pass reverse flow
Steam Boiler is coil type,oil fired boiler based on reverse flow design. The 
vertical boiler has a airtight membrane wall helical coil giving ample residence
time for complete combustion. In the First Pass the Flue gases flow axially 
downwards. On reaching the water cooled bottom, the flue gases take a reverse 
turn Upwards, making in the second pass. Thus two passes in the radiant zone 
ensures complete combustion and high rate of heat flux. In the Third pass the 
flue gases flow downward between the outer side of coiler and inner shell. The 
Fourth pass takes place through the independent smoke tube type Economiser. 
These four passes result in maximum combustion and thermal efficiency. 

Capacity ranging 100-600kg/hr are manufactured

Electric Boiler

    AE-Eboil boilers are heated using electric heaters.

        Quiet operation

         No pollution

         Low installation cost

         Low floor area required

         Fully insulated so low thermal loss.  

                                                    Range: 10 to 100 kg/hr


Thermic Fluid Heating System

  The AE-ThermFlu Thermic Fluid 
  Heater is equipped with fully automatic pressure oil burner, consisting  
  of micro hole Nozzle, Sparking Electrodes, Photocell flame sensing device for 
  silent operation, defuser plate for rich mixing of air, high pressure gear 
  pump coupled with blower.
  This System comprises of fully automatic 3 pass, package type oil fired heater in which 
  the thermic fluid can be heated 300 oC 
  at near atmospheric pressure. The hot thermic fluid is circulated in closed 
  cycle by high temp centrifugal pump and the heat is dissipated to the process 
  through heat exchangers in the user equipment circuitIt has built in flow sensor. The burner stops  if the sensor doesn't detect enough 

                                          Range: 50000Kcal - 500000Kcal/hr

Electric Thermic Fluid Heating System

                                                     AE-ETherm boilers are heated using electric heaters.

   No pollution.


   Low installation cost.


   Low floor area required,


                                                     Fully insulated so low thermal loss


                                                     Range :1000 to 50000 kcal/hr


Hot Air Generator System




 AE-HAG is  multi pass counter current Hot Air Generator consist of stainless steel shell type integral combustion chamber accommodated in multi M.S. shell. The cold air is inserted by a suitable capacity blower fan in first pass, absorbs heat from flue gas passage and accordingly both hot flue gas and cold air travel in opposite direction in the passage which ultimately transfers 90% heat to cold air and delivers hot air   from hot air outlet hole,the system is a package type unit, fixed on common base frame.

Range :10000 to 300000kcal/hr